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New Miniature, Comics And Poster Packs

We are now able to sell Warlord Miniatures and have put together loads of packs which get you amazing discounts on minis, comics and posters!

Included in all the packs are the following:

  • Printed Comic (UK Standard Size)

  • Poster

  • 1 Miniature Box Or Set

  • Access To Digital Comic

  • Access To Exclusive Game Rules

  • Developer Blog

  • UK Delivery Guarantee

  • Shout Out On Social Media

  • Advert Space On Website

  • Access To Edition 2 Development

  • Access To Artist Sketch And Draft Wall

  • Hobby Showcase

  • Access To Very Exclusive Discounts

This means Edition 2 previews will be handed out to you and we will support your channels, social media etc!

Below are more previews of these amazing packs:

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